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Incunable, Hugo de Prato, Sermones dominicales de tempore. Strasbourg, Georg Husner, 1478
Incunable - de Prato - Sermones - Strasbourg - 1478
Hugo de Prato Florido (um 1262-1322)
Sermones dominicales de tempore
Georg Husner

Early and rare edition of the popular, for the first time in 1476 published sermons of acting in Pisa and Prato Dominican in an gothic binding.

Hugo de Prato Florido (around 1262-1322)

Sermones de tempore Dominicales.

Georg Husner, Strasbourg, not after 1478.

Early and rare edition of the popular, for the first time in 1476 published sermons of acting in Pisa and Prato Dominican. Complete and wide-margined copy on thick handmade paper. Consistently  provided with painted Lombards in red.

Very interesting, one-column, gothic type. 40 lines. Chapter title in Majuskeln. Rubricated until the middle of the book in red. Several large, hand-painted, four-line Lombards in red. Sizes leaves: 31.5 x 21.5 cm; Text space: 21.0 x 12.0 cm.

477 (of 478) leaves. Only lacking the last blank leaf. In the text completely.
Counting: *10; a–h10; i–r8.10.10; s–v8; A–B10; C8; D10; E–Z8; AA–KK8; LL10 

Original, late Gothic binding. Blind stamped calf leather over solid wood lids. Rectangular extending String iron lines as well as roles and stamps. By head temple and dotted lines leaf ornaments formed , lily framed rhombic and oak leaves. Bound on four raised bands. Two intact but renewed clasps; Corner and center fittings are missing.
Sizes: Folio: 32.0 x 22.5 x 11.5 cm ( HxWXT). Very good condition. Book block and inner book solid and stable.
- Covers slightly rubbed and with tiny flaws. The binding was carefully restored in 1963 by Hans Heiland & Son, as recorded on the back of the front cover. Using the original leather. The spine back was completely renewed. The original title to spine label is attached.

Print and paper mostly in excellent condition. Extremely wide-margined copy. Mostly clean print on strong handmade paper. Outer upper edges slightly spotted and partly stained. Flyleaf a1 completely glued on paper and with restored defects. First nine leaves (register) dusty and with small foxing spots in the wide margin. 21 leaves with barely visible restorations with thin Japan paper in the upper edge. 5 leaves with small tears at the bottom or upper outer margins. 3 leaves with corner losses. Last two leaves with small, restored defect in the text and with marginal losses in text. Leave H2 verso with a larger handwritten entry by a contemporary hand (see images). Some other short contemporary, handwritten comments.

Literatur: GW n0218; ISTC ih00506000; BSB-Ink H-412; BMC I, 85; Hain 8997; Proctor 364; Goff H 506; Polain 2016; Voullant, Bln. 2204,2; Ritter, Inc. alsac. II, 346; nicht im IGI u. bei Oates.
Libraries: Complete copies only in 43 libraries worldwide (noted in ISTC).

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9500 EURO